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how to cook brinjal tomato curry||eggplant tomato soya curry||వంకాయ టొమాట సోయ కర్రీ # brinjal tomato curry #eggplant tomato soya curry .............. Making of Tomato Vankay soya curry... First keep pan on a stove, add oil to it. After heating oil add mustard seeds, jeera, and few of urad dal seeds. They wil fry in few minutes. After dat add green chilles, garlic, curry leaves and saute. after frying them add brinjal pieces and add some salt. After two min add onions and make them fry. now add pre soaked soya chunks to it. After frying 3 minutes add tomatoes pieces,turmeric powder and stir the whole curry well. keep the lid and make them to cook for 10 min. stir it ocassionally. After that add a small glass of water and make it to cook. once whole curry get cooked add remaining salt, red chilli powder, some coriander leaves, stir it and make it cook for 3 min. lastly switch off the stove and mix the curry again and add remaing coriander leaves... now searve tasty tomato brinjal soya curry with hot rice adding some ghee.

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